researchers from Germany and Norway have studied the blood groups on the probability of a severe Covid-19-disease. There are serious differences.

In the Corona-crisis* develop some people difficult, while others notice nothing at all from the infection. Researchers studied gradients, the role of the blood group in severe disease. The result indicates that major differences in the various Blood type . Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany as a card. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Coronavirus: at risk Are people of a certain blood group?

Munich – It is one of the mysteries of the new Coronavirus : Why some of the infection ends in spite of medical aid to fatal, while others are Ill reveal not even symptoms*? These completely different expression of the disease Covid-19 can also completely open, how many people were really infected, and then an immunity against Sars-CoV-2 have developed. It is perhaps the eternal question of the size of the dark figure . Many uncertainties characterize consequently, this pandemic.

This also applies to the question of the high-risk patients* . Who is most at risk? The Older and Weak was an early Conviction. And, above all, people with pre-existing conditions . Men* overall, more than women. At times it has been suggested that smokers are more likely to be of a more severe course haunted as people who are not able to gain the Fags so much.

Corona study: Covid-19 patients from Italy and Spain, according to the blood groups

in the latter case, in the meantime: a Lot of smoke about nothing. The experts have obtained first successes in the study of the role of the blood group in the Corona-pandemic . Scientists from Germany and from Norway investigated to this purpose, 1610 patients , whose course of disease was particularly difficult, and were even in need of a oxygen supply . The subjects were drawn from seven of the most hotly-troubled regions in Italy and Spain, such as Milan, Monza, Madrid, San Sebastian or Barcelona.

there have also been procured blood samples of 2205 healthy people , to be able to this with the former Corona-Ill compare. The researchers came to the conclusion that people with the blood group A a much higher risk of severe disease progression exposed, as the other blood types. The lowest risk seems to be therefore for people with blood type 0 can be assumed.

+ hope on the vaccine: Around the Globe, is working on a drug against Sars-CoV-2.©Reuters / Sakchai Lalit

Corona study: Severe course of disease with blood group A are most likely to

Apparently a twice as high probability, in the case of a Covid-19-disease oxygen administration or mechanical ventilation threatens the first-mentioned group unit to be dependent, such as the turn of the Millennium blood group. The other, but not so common blood types AB and B lie in between.

a similar result can also Chinese scientists already. However, researchers from Germany and Norway point out that their study results were still not subject to “Peer Review” by other scientists, it was, therefore, a pre-release . The health expert and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach praises the work as “robust”.

Corona study results could help in the development of medicine

help The study could be included in the development of a drug* . Because it reveals, finally, what human genes a fatal course of the disease favor could.

While Malaria also, people with blood group are exposed to 0 to lower the risk of a violent disease, is in the plague is the blood type O are better protected.

We also keep the Numbers of Infected, deceased, and Recuperated in Germany and other countries to date. The virologist Christian Drosten revised its Corona study and attacked its critics. Meanwhile, there is an investigation of the effect of the Corona Lockdown.

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