Whether illegible collection slips, late letters or damaged packages: quality problems in the postal industry still cause dissatisfaction and anger among citizens. In August, 3,422 complaints about postal services were received, the Federal Network Agency said in response to a dpa request.

In the same month last year there were 3,472 critical requests to speak. The current value is slightly lower, but high compared to previous years. In the first eight months of this year there were 22,640 complaints, 46 percent more than in the same period last year.

The possibility of complaining applies to the entire postal industry, including competitors of the Bonn group. However, the affected consumers are by far the most upset about the market leader. According to the network agency, 88 percent of the August complaints related to Deutsche Post or its parcel division DHL.

Wave of complaints due to personnel problems

Last fall, personnel problems at the post office led to a wave of complaints: in October, the Bonn supervisory authority received 9,400 critical comments. The Bonn-based company initiated measures to defuse the problem. At the beginning of this year the numbers fell significantly. However, compared to previous years, they remained at a high level.

A Post spokesman emphasized that every complaint is one too many. “We regret if customers are not satisfied with our service,” he said. “Even though the number of complaints is not even in the per thousand range compared to the billions of shipments we transport every year, we continue to do everything we can to improve our quality.”