Germany was honored as one of the international “Innovation Champions” at the CES technology fair. In addition to Germany, 23 other countries received the highest rating in the ranking of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of the CES.

The study measured 40 indicators in 17 categories, including broadband access, education system, environmental quality, trade policy and cybersecurity.

Digital and Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) said on Thursday (local time) at the CES that people in Germany should be optimistic about technical developments and digital progress and not badmouth things lightly. “We Germans tend to look for problems while others are already moving forward and inspiring the world with the opportunities that come with it.” A number of innovations presented by US companies at CES came from Germany. “This includes components of John Deere’s agricultural technology, which were developed in the European development center in Kaiserslautern.”

Agro-Tech by John Deere

At CES 2023, John Deere presented a new type of sensor and robot-supported system for spreading fertilizer and a new electric excavator. A year ago, the agricultural specialist made international headlines with a huge autonomously driving tractor.

Wissing emphasized that even if the impression sometimes arises that Germany hardly plays a role in international competition, American companies such as John Deere have long since discovered Germany as a digital location, said the Digital Minister in Las Vegas. “Otherwise they wouldn’t invest so extensively in Germany. That’s also the reason why Germany was honored as “Innovation Champion” here at CES.”

Germany is often faced with the problem of not being able to perceive achievements strongly enough and not being able to communicate them appropriately, said the FDP politician. “But there are also counterexamples: The innovative power of the German automotive industry was presented here at the CES in an exemplary manner.” At the start of the CES, the Munich car manufacturer BMW, among others, wowed the trade fair visitors with a futuristic concept vehicle that could change color at the touch of a button.

Top marks for Germany in the CTA ranking

In the CTA ranking, Germany gets the best marks in the areas of environment, education system, freedom, investments in research and development, successful start-ups (unicorns) and autonomous driving. When it comes to broadband expansion and issues such as diversity, entrepreneurship and the housing market, Germany is in the middle. The CTA experts distributed bad ratings in the areas of the tax system and driving services.

At the top of the CTA ranking are Estonia, Switzerland and Finland, followed by the USA, Singapore, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Germany ranked 16th overall, leaving countries like France, South Korea, Japan and China behind.

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