The alleged accomplices of the leak of Japan, Carlos Ghosn, to join the Lebanon on December 29, try for everything. Arrested on may 20, Michael Taylor, 59, and his son, Peter Taylor, 26 years old, will try to explain to the justice of Massachusetts that they have not committed illegal, reports The Figaro. Several arguments are put forward : to their lawyers, the american justice has given as the legal basis for extradition to Japan, the fact you have helped a criminal escape, while the warrant of arrest issued by the justice of japan concerning a violation of the code of the immigration, assist Carlos Ghosn to leave the country illegally. In addition, the lawyers argued that Carlos Ghosn has not yet been tried and convicted in Japan, so it cannot be considered a criminal.

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Avoid extradition

The challenge for Taylor was to avoid extradition. Indeed, if the american judge retains the “simple” breach of the code of immigration, then it will not be considered serious enough to allow the extradition to Japan of the two alleged accomplices. However, several factors may play against them. First, the supreme Court of Japan ruled in 1949, a case which strongly resembles that of Taylor and had ruled that it was an aid to a fugitive criminal. Then, the justice, japan still has the possibility to clarify the charges against Michael and Peter Taylor when removing formal extradition request, which must be sent to the american justice 45 days after the arrest, either at the beginning of July.

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Finally, The Figaro, which was able to have access to the international arrest warrant issued by Japan, explains that this document consists of the two grounds for the arrests, the assistance to a fugitive criminal and the leak illegal in the territory. If they are extradited to the united states, the Taylor may be down there for up to four years in prison, not to mention the years of detention the time of the procedure. Currently incarcerated, their lawyers asked for Monday, June 8, their release on bail, including because they are currently sleeping in an establishment where there is the coronavirus.

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