The beer sales of the German breweries recovered slightly from the corona shock last year. With 8.8 billion liters, the companies sold 2.7 percent more than in 2021, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office on Wednesday. Domestically, even 4 percent more was sold than in the previous year. At 7.2 billion liters, however, the amount from the pre-crisis year 2019 was missed by 5 percent.

The World Cup in Qatar, which was held for the first time in winter, did not lead to increased beer consumption, the authority reported. Exports to the EU rose by 7.8 percent, while non-EU countries bought 12.4 percent less beer from Germany.

After the pandemic, breweries are facing sharp increases in costs. Energy, raw materials and logistics have become significantly more expensive. The German Brewers’ Association has already put beer drinkers in the mood for prices to continue to rise, because sales are also weakening at the same time.