A technical error at the Bank of Ireland has led to some chaotic scenes at ATMs in Ireland. Instead of a maximum of 500 euros, customers in the EU country could temporarily withdraw at least twice as much money because of the breakdown, as the newspaper “Irish Times” reported.

Photos of long queues at ATMs could be seen on social media, and some machines were running out of cash. Police said there was “unusual activity” at some ATMs in the country. In some locations, officials have stopped people from being debited, the Irish Times reported.

The bank apologized for problems with online banking and the app. The systems are now working again, the institute announced on Wednesday morning. The Bank of Ireland had previously emphasized that all funds would be debited from the account, even if the account balance could not be checked. “We recognize that customers may not be able to check their balance, but they should not withdraw/transfer where there is a likelihood of overdraft,” it said.