Boeing has identified a new defect on its 787 Dreamliner long-haul jet plagued by a production mishap. The US aircraft manufacturer is currently examining a number of machines that have not yet been handed over to customers, which could require rework before delivery, the company said on Tuesday. According to the current state of knowledge, however, the problem is not acutely relevant to safety and should initially not change anything in the delivery target for the year as a whole.

Boeing’s shares have meanwhile fallen by around two percent. The Dreamliner – one of Boeing’s most important aircraft models – has often caused problems in recent years. Due to various production defects, the aircraft was not allowed to be handed over to customers from May 2021 to August 2022. In February 2023, Boeing had to stop deliveries again for a few weeks. The US air traffic control had announced at the last re-certification that in the future every manufactured 787 will be checked individually.