” Ideal promoters ! “attack from the outset, the ad published Wednesday, June 10, on the classifieds website Leboncoin. “Made the acquisition of a historic building, unique to Compiegne : the former house of judgment “, is it also written. Indeed, as the spotted The Parisian, the former prison of Compiègne, in the Oise is to sell. Count 527 000 euros for a “real estate complex including 4 250 m2 built (…) on a plot with a surface area of 4 130 m2,” says the announcement.

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Free from 2016, the buildings will almost certainly become housing, as the former house arrest, is classified as a result of the local urban plan (PLU) in a ” residential area medium density attached to the individual habitat “. A subdivision could therefore see the light of day, for example. But not “public or general interest,” says the announcement. Exit also the ‘cafes and bars to themes if they are likely to cause nuisance to the neighbourhood” and more generally to all ” activities detrimental to the residential character of the area “.

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This is to accelerate the sale of that particular property that the State has appealed to Agora Store, an auction site specializing in property of territorial communities and large companies in connection with public service. The announcement has been made on thirty of classifieds sites such as Leboncoin, but also SeLoger or ParuVendu, said Servan Ndjantcha, director of the real estate section of Agora Store, Parisian. The sale of the old home off will take place from 21 to 23 September. “We have put an attractive price because this well atypical opens a range of possibilities “, he says. A score of visit requests have already been made. The highest bidder will win, not necessarily the batch, the State being watchful about the future of the site. According to the daily, which interviewed experts, it is necessary to count more than one million euros to transform the site.

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