Classic cars are considered to be both an entertaining and profitable investment. Anyone who buys the right classic of tomorrow not only has a lot of driving fun with their beloved oldie, but can also look forward to a decent increase in value over the years. Driving and earning money at the same time – awesome. Vehicles that are of particular interest to newcomers are those that are not yet real classic cars and therefore offer a corresponding potential for appreciation.

First of all, the car buyer should do his homework and think carefully about what he wants. Because an investment alone hardly gives heart and hand any real pleasure; It is best to put them in the heated garage and get them out again after a few years after regular maintenance and as few kilometers as possible. Then the yield is checked. But more and more car fans want a mixed solution. That means it’s not about the increase in value alone, but a relaxed overall package of head and heart, money and steel, VW Golf I and Alfa Romeo 6C. The world of new cars with combustion engines is currently entering the home straight and so the prices of sports cars, roadsters and coupés with two or more decades under their belt should slowly but surely continue to rise. They offer appreciable everyday use, can be moved to the office from Monday to Friday just as lively as at the weekend for fun on the curves in the Alps or a panoramic tour on the coast. How about a Mercedes SL, a BMW Z3, ​​a cool VW Scirocco, Audi TT or a Ford Mustang?

But limousines and off-road vehicles also have potential to increase their value significantly in the coming years. The prerequisite is that the potential buyer observes a few important rules so that the classic of tomorrow becomes or remains desirable. Of course, you can also rely on an exotic car, but vehicles that were more popular than ever as new models offer the greatest potential. The best examples are a Porsche 911, a Mercedes G-Class or a VW Golf GTI. If you want to treat yourself to a future classic, you enjoy driving a car, you enjoy the respective model and you want to enjoy the time. Therefore, one should free oneself from the flimsy charm of a narrow accountant equipment. The real car fans usually not only want the top engines, but also the most complete comfort and safety equipment possible, which leaves only a few wishes unfulfilled. The smaller and less powerful the engine, the thinner the equipment list, the more the price goes down and the oldie becomes a slow seller.

At best, this can be compensated for by the vehicle in question having as few or at least prominent previous owners as possible, low mileage or a complete maintenance history. However, only those models that offer a perfect mix of all this later achieve absolute top prices. Better to search longer and find the dreamed Mercedes 560 SEL, the bright red Lancia Delta HF Integrale or a dark green Porsche 911 Turbo than to settle for a lazy compromise. If you want to get a taste of the world of classical music, you should take one step at a time. The first purchase and entry into the classic scene usually does not offer the perfect solution in terms of condition, maintenance history, price and equipment. But a good compromise can be the right first solution for anyone looking for a young classic as an investment. Why not the well-kept VW Golf GTI II without rust, which with its red Unilack and the window cranks may not be the dream car, but offers a lot of car and a good condition at a fair price? You can always search further if you have any wishes and with the supposed first model it is all too easy to find entry into the club world and online community. Here, in turn, there are often vehicles that are not even offered in the large stock exchanges.

A look back also makes you smarter, because if the previous generations have become significantly more expensive after the leap into the classic car era, there are some indications that this could also work with the successor model. Admittedly a bet on the future – but unlike on the stock market, the risk is usually manageable. A model and solid maintenance history should not even be looked at and even the checkbook shows gaps if the important maintenance has been carried out. An accident itself is not a no-go, but it should have been carried out professionally and with photo documentation. Tuning or handicraft work on the vehicle? Hands off! Basic model or tired fellow swimmer – someone else should look for that too. Special editions, GT variants, limited models – great. This is where the prices are likely to rise. The sportier, the better. Not easy for someone who loves sedans and coupes – but sports cars in particular are likely to develop particularly well in price in the coming years. Off-road vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Bronco and Mercedes G-Class are just as popular as the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. But the same applies here: no handicraft work, no rust and a good maintenance history. Then it also works with the rolling investment.