A youth is dead, discovered on the highway 3 in Schwarzach, from the accident, is still missing.

A dead young woman is discovered in the night of Saturday on highway 3. She was apparently hit by a car. Now the police are looking for the accident.

Schwarzach – have discovered In the night of the Saturday motorists, a dead young woman on the Autobahn 3 near the exit Schwarzach . The emergency doctor who was called could only find death, as a spokesman for the police said on Saturday. After a preliminary investigation, the young County Straubing-Bogen hit by a car was.

Bavaria: young people on the highway dead Background dead – it is still unclear

in the night investigator searched the area around the scene of the accident. The A3 in the direction of Passau was locked to 04.50 PM. In a further search on Saturday, a police helicopter , the officials supported. This items were found that could be related to the accident in context. What the items it is, did not want to tell the police.

Schwarzach: police are now searching accident car

Why the young stopped on the highway, is still unclear, it said. The investigation after the accident, the car remained unsuccessful. The police collaborates in the search for the car, with the Austrian police. The investigator looking for a car that has Front accident traces. To witness information is requested.

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