a total Of 11,000 people will be affected by the so-called ghettoplan.

It shows a statement on Monday Morning has made, in cooperation with local housing associations and municipalities.

It is the first mapping of how many people in the 15 so-called “hard ghettos”, will be affected by the comprehensive plan.

There is talk about both families, couples and single people, who must leave their home.

It is roughly equivalent to the Danish Parliament decided that the whole of Struer or Hobro had to move.

in Addition, more than 5500 people re-homed temporarily while their homes are renovated.

housing minister Kaare Dybvad (S) acknowledges that the plan interfere in the lives of many.

But he stresses that although many people should move out of their housing in the coming years, so it is not that 11,000 people have to be forced from house and home. Jokerbet

– It is clear that there are some who need to move from the blocks that are being demolished. And I understand that it can seem intrusive, he says for Monday Morning.

– But there is a natural replacement at 8-12 percent per year of residents that move out. Many also live on a kortidskontrakt. Them is also not a challenge. So the number of those who are forced to move out, is something less.

The new mapping comes just a few days before, that the american publish the new ghettoliste.

The new list comes 1. december and all the indications are that the turn will appoint the 15 residential areas as the country’s tough ghettos.

It is, among other things, Mjølnerparken and Tingbjerg in Copenhagen, Vollsmose in Odense and Gellerupparken and Bispehaven in Aarhus.

the housing companies are facing a gargantuan task of having to rehouse thousands of their residents, says managing director of BL, Denmark Public Housing, Bent Madsen.

– 11,000 is quite a lot of people and is a very big local task to the resettlement work for the individual family. But we have a bottom task. And now it is about to do it as gently as possible and with respect for the individual, so people feel the least insecure, he says for Monday Morning.