So right you can’t understand the tactics of the BMW is so right. In the last three to four years, the brand is committed with the blue-and-white Rotor, more than ever, for luxury, has climbed, with the models of the series 7, 8 and X7 is a class above, and better than ever against the competition from home and abroad position. But this year, the magnificent V12 engine of the BMW M 760Li and the even more impressive Quad-Turbo be deleted as Topdiesel with 400 HP without replacement, the 7-series, X7, X7, and co. motorized, especially in Europe so magnificently. What is missing is a real top of the range for the BMW X7, because for the markets in the USA, the UAE, or China, many customers would have been happy here here is a image of rich in-cylinder dozen.

Alpina-BMW makes 621 HP

This can be accessed from the end of the year at the mill BMW tuner Alpina. These have planted a V12 in the nearly 2.7-ton luxury SUV, the high roof-7 series, however a shot in the arm on the 621 HP administered, which is likely to appeal to many Fans of driving dynamics. Alpina BMW Alpina XB7

Directly with BMW when X7 M50i and its 530-horsepower eight-cylinder twin-turbo circuit. Here saddles Alpina to call value, and tickle from the 4.4-Liter V8 unit, without the trouble of 457 kW / 621 HP and between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm, with a constantly applied torque of up to 800 Nm. For the performance increase of nearly 100 HP compared to the series-X7, the two turbochargers with a larger turbine diameter of 54 mm and a modified engine control, in addition to additional cooling air. Who loves trailer: the towing capacity is 3.5 tonnes. Five meters of luxury: The X7 shows all of the Mini-SUV, how small you really FOCUS Online are Five metres of luxury: The X7 shows all of the Mini-SUV, how small you really are

thrust without end – but trouble for the chassis

The additional boost is huge. This is already after a few kilometers on the racetrack feel. Because of 2.7 tonnes empty weight, 5,15 meters length and a correspondingly high center of gravity of the colossus from Buchloe may Return no narrow and quick curves, but the force with which he pushes, takes one’s language. You don’t want to try it at least on a closed course or a Rennareal even with the otherwise perfect comfort mode, then the Bavarian Flagship model is coming faster than you want to roll and not be able to transfer the optional 23-inch, stability programs, and roll compensation. The electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle has an effect of up to 2000 Nm while increased drive and shaft joint to ensure that the massive power to the pavement. No Problem with the speed limit, but in the car Park: New Q8 in the Test FOCUS Online is Not a Problem with the speed limit, but in the car Park: New Q8 in the Test

In the modes to Sport or Sport Plus Alpina XB7 departs each 20 mm down and sharpens his suspension meaning significantly. Not for the race track, but impressive, how fast can you be with such a luxury model and up to seven people in absolute border area. Clearly the appropriate road or highway where the XB7 maximum race 290 km/h, however. From the state-of-the Alpina XB7 sprints in 4.2 seconds to 100 kph. At least, the standard consumption of 13.9 litres is at V12 level, the one missing still painful Super. The sports exhaust system ensures that the engine sound is sonorous, but anything other than Intrusive in the world trumpeting is. The up to seven occupants can look forward to in the interior with even more luxury than the BMW X7 has to offer anyway. Just the send of the instruments in the blue Alpina Styling and the soft leather interior to perfectly fit in the at least 155.200 euros expensive BMW Alpina XB7 rolling in December in the trade.