The Casa del Rey and the Court of Auditors have proceeded this Thursday to sign the agreement for this body to carry out the audit of the annual accounts of Zarzuela in accordance with the royal decree approved at the end of April by the Government of restructuring of the House King.

The act took place coinciding with the audience that King Felipe VI gave to the members of the Plenary of the Court of Auditors at the Palacio de la Zarzuela. At the end of it, the heads of both bodies have signed the aforementioned document, as reported by Zarzuela.

The royal decree on the restructuring of the Casa del Rey stipulates that “the external audit of the annual accounts” of Zarzuela will be carried out by “the Court of Accounts under the terms and conditions agreed between both bodies in a collaboration agreement signed at effect, subject to the specialties that are imposed by the principles established in title II of the Spanish Constitution.

The objective of the new royal decree is to “consolidate the reforms carried out in previous years, continue the modernization process started in 2014” with the arrival to the throne of Felipe VI and “deepen the reinforcement of the principles of transparency, accountability and publicity, in line with the Crown’s commitment to society to observe integrity, honest and transparent conduct, “says the text.

Likewise, the royal decree that modifies the previous one from 1988, also incorporates the action criteria that Don Felipe has imposed in these years in relation to his House, as well as others related to his family and that require action by the King’s House to effect. These measures are now incorporated into the regulatory provision that regulates the organization and operation of the House of him.