According to the district club, the second leg of the young footballers from Borussia Dortmund against FC Sevilla was again overshadowed by a racist incident. As in the first leg in the Youth League a week ago, BVB player Abdoulaye Kamara is said to have been racially insulted by the same Sevilla player on Tuesday, as Borussia announced on Wednesday. Late on Wednesday evening, the European Football Union UEFA also informed dpa that the incident was being investigated.

“When it came to that, and Abdou Kamara had contacted the fourth official as agreed, the referees dismissed the obvious monkey noises as not without a doubt a racist statement,” said BVB youth director Lars Ricken. “Despite the incident, we didn’t leave the pitch because the referee’s actions unfortunately gave us the uneasy feeling that if there was any doubt, it would be one statement against another.”

A similar incident is said to have taken place in Spain a week ago. Now BVB coach Mike Tullberg told the “Ruhr Nachrichten” (Wednesday) about the incident again: “A UEFA official actually started discussing with me what a monkey sounds like and what a monkey says. That was unbelievable.” The 36-year-old continued: “I didn’t think the referee’s reaction was okay. How are we supposed to prove that the insults happened?”

BVB statement article in the Ruhr Nachrichten