New York Yankees prospect Jake Sanford was released by the team last Thursday after it was discovered he was stealing equipment from his teammates before reselling it on the web, ripping off several fans in the process. baseball.

According to NJ Advance Media, the 2019 third-round outfielder was stealing other players’ sticks or gloves before trying to sell them online. The 24-year-old played in Tampa and Hudson Valley, in the minor ranks, last season.

In addition to stealing pieces of equipment from his colleagues, Sanford defrauded buyers of autographed goods by accepting their deposit and then never meeting with them. A Tampa fan, who wanted to get his hands on a pair of gloves signed by the Canadian, also turned to social networks to tell his story, which put a flea in the ear of the Yankees.

Sanford, a native of Nova Scotia, has signed with the Ottawa Titans of the Frontier League and has already appeared in one game with his new roster on Wednesday.