In May 1940, the darkest phase of the Second World War began for Britain. The German tanks had bypassed the Maginot Line fortifications, which were believed to be impregnable, and had broken through to the canal. The British troops were cut off and trapped in the Dunkirk area.

During this time, “Mad Jack” Churchill entered the war. As a reactivated officer, he was unable to prevent the collapse of the Allied front, but he made the advance of the German troops more difficult with raids and ambushes.

With only two men he defended the French village of L’Epinette. A German patrol approached the hill overlooking the village. Churchill waited until the Germans were within about 30 meters, then he aimed and shot the noncommissioned officer in command. But not with a rifle, but with an arrow from a longbow. His two comrades-in-arms showered the Germans with a hail of bullets in the open field, but Churchill drew his medieval claymore sword and pounced on the enemy.

The Nazis killed her husband, so this angry woman bought a tank and drove to the front

Lady Death was a beauty and the most dangerous sniper of the Second World War

Wojtek – the bear who fought against the Nazis at Monte Cassino