The new week started like the old one ended: with freezing temperatures. Throughout Germany, the thermometer falls below zero degrees, sometimes to minus 8 or minus 9 degrees. With the exception of a few areas in the west, light to moderate permafrost prevails in Germany. So warm clothes are a must, as are winter tires on the car.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), snowfall is to be expected in the eastern half and occasionally in the south-west of Germany. Accordingly, it can become smooth in some areas. The low temperatures will continue in the coming days, from Wednesday freezing rain could fall in some regions, meteorologists warn. Motorists should expect slippery roads due to freezing frost and wet conditions, especially in the morning rush hour.

The map below shows the expected minimum temperatures for today. Like the slippery ice map below, it is provided by “”.

The map below shows current black ice warnings from the DWD. It is a binary weather map: locations for which there is an ice warning are colored red. No coloring means there is no warning. The map is regularly updated with new data on the location.

Would you like to know where in Germany the temperatures are currently lowest? The live map below shows it. For a forecast for the coming days, click on the “Play” button at the bottom left. You can also change the view in the menu at the top right, for example to rain and thunderstorms.

The service is provided by The makers use the model from the “European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts” for their representations and forecasts.

Sources: “”, DWD

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