One of the variables that most influences the choice of one or another postgraduate degree or one or another university is, without a doubt, employability. “Students must look for an institution that trains them with the necessary skills that allow them to be part of the global business network and the innovation ecosystem,” says Rafael Ramiro, director of the Comillas ICADE MBA, which is among the best certified by different rankings to study an MBA in Spain. They say it from a university that knows what it is talking about, since up to 95% of its postgraduates are employed within six months of completing their studies.

The relationship between the university and the company has become basic for the postgraduate offer to be very solid.

«The various capacities to face the future must be acquired in an innovative university, both in learning methods and in its study plans. The institution must have, in turn, an excellent relationship with companies and professors with great professional experience”, they say from Comillas Pontifical University, an institution that leads the international employability rankings. According to Times Higher Education, one of the most prestigious classifications in the sector, Comillas is the first university in Spain in terms of employability, the second in Europe and the seventh in the world.

According to Bruno Martín, director of the Master’s Degree for Access to the Legal Profession at the Comillas ICADE Law School (a degree that stands out especially for its high rate of employment in the main law firms, companies and institutions, and considered among the best in Spain), « Not only should a professionalizing methodology or the excellence and experience of the teaching staff be sought, but also the internationalization of studies».

This global vision must be given in all the postgraduate courses that are chosen, both in engineering and in those degrees related to disciplines such as those of the health, scientific or humanities branch. This is the case not only with ICADE Business School, the Comillas business school, but also with Comillas ICAI, the engineering school of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, with leading master’s programs in Spain, such as Engineering for Mobility and Security; Railway Systems; Digital Transformation of the Industry; Electrical Sector or Smart Grids. Or from the San Juan de Dios School of Nursing and Physiotherapy, with the Master’s Degree in Biomechanics and Sports Physiotherapy, or Palliative Care. Also Comillas CIHS, the headquarters of the Jesuit University of Madrid, where Humanities studies are concentrated, and where postgraduate courses such as Conference Interpreting or Teaching and Psychopedagogy are offered.

Companies are increasingly looking for people capable of working in a team, who have the qualities of a leader, with the ability to resolve and adapt to different conditions. That they are not afraid of innovation, or challenges, or the technological changes typical of 21st century society. “This is where the importance of making a good postgraduate choice and a correct choice of training center comes in. And to focus on an innovative university in its methods and in its study plans, which has an excellent relationship with companies and a cadre of professors with experience in the professional world”, they assure from Comillas Pontifical University.

“Educational innovation (highlighted from the institution) is linked to the relationship with employers, who know the needs of the labor market and can claim certain profiles from universities, even in the future.”