Title IX is the federal law that says schools are responsible for investigating and taking steps to stop sexual harassment or sexual violence from happening. So, if you’re being accused of violating Title IX, you’ll need a lawyer. And not just any lawyer, you’ll need an expert Title IX defense lawyer.

An attorney can help you in many ways if you are accused of a Title IX violation. First, you’ll want a lawyer to provide legal counsel. You’ll want to know your rights, your options, and the likely outcome of your situation. When you hire a lawyer for Title IX defense, you’ll have someone who knows the law and how it applies to the situation. He knows what will work and what won’t.

Here are other reasons why hiring a professional Title IX attorney is critical in these types of cases.

  1. To guide you in every step of the procedure

A good lawyer will protect you from making any mistakes or violating rules. He can help you draft a written response to the complaint and answer any questions that could be detrimental to your case. And he will be there for you in all of the steps in the hearing process, from the investigation to the appeals.

  1. To prepare the respondent for hearings

Even if you are innocent, you need to be prepared for the hearing process. In a Title IX hearing, the person who is accused of violating the school’s policy will be required to attend and read a statement, explain why he or she has not violated the policy, and submit any supporting documents. And that’s where a lawyer can really help. He’ll make sure you have all of your documents ready so that you won’t have any questions about what to say when called on by the school’s attorney.

  1. Make certain that the school adheres to its own Title IX procedures and policies

Schools will ignore the law and create their own rules and procedures, so you need a lawyer to make sure that whatever rules and policies are created aren’t overly restrictive or unfair.

  1. Advocate and negotiate with the school’s own attorneys

Schools have attorneys with their own interests and biases. An attorney will be able to discuss the situation from your point of view, can research the school’s policies in greater detail, and will make sure that you have a good chance at a favorable outcome. He can also negotiate directly with the school and ask them to come up with a fair solution.