The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, has condemned the latest cases of group sexual assaults investigated in Burjassot and Villarreal, in statements in which she has specifically addressed the male gender: «What is happening to you men? that we are going back to this rape culture that we thought was banished?

Calero has spoken in these terms in statements to the media moments before attending the celebration of the 178th anniversary of the founding of the Civil Guard, when asked about the open investigations after the last two events that occurred in the Valencian Community.

In the first case, five minors, aged between fifteen and seventeen, were arrested for an alleged gang rape of a twelve-year-old girl and another individual rape of a girl of the same age.

And, in the second case, three minors have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the sexual assault on an eighteen-year-old girl during the Villarreal festivities. In both procedures, the minors have been released on probation.

Regarding the last case -the most recent aggression-, Calero has affirmed that “all possibilities are being considered” and that there are three arrested, although there is the option that someone else could intervene in the alleged aggression.

The detainees have been released and Calero has stated that “we must be aware that we are talking about minors and, therefore, we must be respectful both with court orders and with the entire procedure.”

On the other hand, she has insisted that women have the right to go as they want and go out when they want: «We cannot go back, return to fear, because women, no matter how old we are, have the right to go out when and how we want. And with whoever we want », she has added. Therefore, she has launched a question to the men: «What is happening to you?».

Asked if she thinks there is a feeling of impunity, Calero has indicated: «We have to ask ourselves what message we are giving to society. No problem? Are they criminal acts? I hope that they judge each other and that, in the end, each one stays in her place », she pointed out.

Likewise, the delegate has warned that young people are educating themselves sexually with an exiled prism, pornography. «I think that in the law that is trying to be approved in Parliament, yes is yes, there is also a section for sexual education. We can’t go on like this. Young people cannot continue to educate themselves with pornography. «If at eight years old -she has added she- they already have knowledge or a first contact with pornography, we have to see how we banish it».

In this line, he has advocated promoting sex education not only in the classroom, but also in families and in society itself: «We must eliminate the messages of easy money and anything goes. We must do a joint study in schools, families and in society and see what values ​​we begin to transmit, “he advocated.

Regarding the aggression, Burjassot has stated that the Government Delegation is “very concerned” about the events and the increase in sexual crimes and has advanced that they will sit down with the Security Forces to make an analysis and see what they can contribute.