Excursions in the south of the island of Usedom (Vorpommern-Greifswald) must expect disruptions in cross-border car traffic from next Monday. As a spokesman for the state office for road construction said on Friday, the through road in the Baltic Sea resort of Ahlbeck will be renewed over several months on another section. This means that motorists cannot travel south to the Polish town of Świnoujście (Swinoujscie) and west towards the mainland as quickly. The border region around the Kaiserbad Ahlbeck to Poland is particularly popular for day-trippers on public holidays and during peak tourist times.

A total of around 7.5 million euros is earmarked for the work. New dirt, rain and drinking water pipes are laid in the ground. The work should also increase traffic safety and be completed on a large part of the passage by the end of June 2023. In the summer months there should be fewer restrictions. The expansion of the roadway between Ahlbeck and Korswandt in the direction of the mainland is planned for autumn.

Usedom is the second largest German island and one of the most popular tourist regions, which regularly leads to major traffic problems on the roads. With around 40,000 inhabitants and numerous hotels, Świnoujście is by far the largest city on the German-Polish island.