After invitations via a social network, a party in Weimar got out of hand. A family home was affected – money and items worth around 1,300 euros were stolen from the house, the police said on Sunday.

A 15-year-old originally invited seven friends to his parents’ house on Friday evening. Instead, about 30 young people, some of whom were unknown, suddenly stood in front of the door. “The party-mad crowd entered the house, devastated various rooms and soiled some items from the parents’ inventory,” the police statement said.

When the parents, who were absent that evening, returned in the night, they found property damage of around 100 euros and the lack of cash and perfume. Now the police are investigating against unknown persons for theft and property damage. A police spokesman said it was not known what the consequences of the evening would be for the 15-year-old. “Educational measures are not the job of the police.”

police notice