First friendly and hot, then changeable and humid: the weather in North Rhine-Westphalia is unstable at the beginning of the week. On Monday it was initially clear to sunny with maximum temperatures between 29 and 32 degrees, said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen. However, as the afternoon progressed, denser cloud fields moved in from the west. Late in the evening, the first showers or thunderstorms with heavy rain cannot be ruled out between western Münsterland and the Eifel. At night the whole thing spreads out to the northeast.

According to information, showers and sometimes strong thunderstorms with heavy rain will occur across the country on Tuesday. Storms with squalls are also possible locally. It is also humid with temperatures of a maximum of 24 to 28 degrees. The showers will gradually subside on Wednesday night, the DWD announced.

On Wednesday it was initially very cloudy and rainy before it cleared up in the afternoon. Then it will be partly sunny and moderately warm, said the meteorologist.

DWD forecast