After real April weather with rain, storms, showers, hail and heavy rain, Germany is facing a summer weekend with temperatures of up to 30 degrees and lots of sun – at the beginning of April. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the peak values ​​expected for Saturday are “absolutely record-breaking” for the first third of April. So far, the record temperature in Germany during this period was just under 28 degrees.

DWD meteorologist Marcel Schmid told the German Press Agency that no record will be set for the entire month of April. It comes from 2012 and is 32.9 degrees, which was measured in Kitzingen and Bad Mergentheim. However, these peak values ​​were reached at the end of April, more precisely on April 28th, when the sun was higher than it is now. “We will definitely break the previous record for the beginning of April, which was set at 27.7 degrees in Rheinfelden in 2011,” said Schmid.

From Saturday it will be summery almost everywhere

Unusually warm air masses reached Germany from northwest Africa on Friday. According to the DWD forecast, 25 degrees are already expected on the Upper Rhine. The north and west of the country are still a bit under the weather, because it rains there again and again.

On Saturday, summer in April breaks out almost everywhere. “On Saturday evening, the grill can be unpacked because it stays dry everywhere and is quite mild for longer,” explained Schmid. According to meteorologists’ current calculations, the expected Sahara dust, which could obscure the sun, will still be over France on Saturday and will spare Germany.

Temperatures of up to 30 degrees

On Sunday it will become more changeable again in the northwest half. According to the DWD, it remains very mild there with a maximum of 18 to 23 degrees. In the southeast half, the Saharan dust may cloud the sunshine. Cumulus clouds may form over the mountains, but the risk of showers and thunderstorms remains very low. At 24 to 30 degrees it will be unusually warm again.

At the start of the new week, it remains summery and warm in the south and southeast with peak temperatures between 23 and 27 degrees. According to the forecast, it will be slightly changeable in the other parts of the country. However, it remains relatively warm with highs between 18 and 23 degrees.