The weather on this Sunday and at the start of the new week is divided in Germany: while the northern parts of the country are on the losing side in terms of sunshine duration, people in southern Germany can expect friendly weather, the German Weather Service (DWD) said Offenbach with. “In between you have something of both – sometimes gray, sometimes blue,” explained meteorologist Marcus Bayer.

While the sun will shine at times in the east and south-east on Sunday, dense clouds will appear in the sky in the north-west. In addition, it will occasionally rain, during the day showers and thunderstorms are likely to rise from the south-west through the middle to the north-east. It is most likely to remain dry in south-eastern Bavaria and in Lusatia. The maximum values ​​reach 14 to 18 degrees, it stays cooler on the coasts, and a moderate, sometimes gusty south-west wind blows, which can also be very gusty in thunderstorms.

The weather at the start of the week

On Monday it will again be cloudy to overcast in many places in the north, and it will rain at times, especially in the afternoon. There will also be some rain in the south-east and in the Alps at first, which will subside later. It is likely to be friendliest in the southwest with maximum temperatures of up to 16 degrees. The wind will be weak to moderate.

Tuesday will also bring rain over the northern half, in the south it is often dry and, especially over the Danube, sunny for longer. The maximum temperatures reach up to 19 degrees with weak to moderate, in the north-west partly fresh and in gusts strong south-west wind.