The number of victims of the cold wave in the USA continues to rise. US media reported yesterday that the winter storm killed well over 30 people.

The NBC broadcaster, citing its own count, even reported 41 fatalities, the ABC broadcaster at least 39. Rescue workers and officials expected the number of victims to continue to rise. A violent winter storm swept across the United States over the Christmas weekend, wreaking havoc across much of the country.

Temperatures were in the double-digit minus range in many regions. With icy winds and severe rapid falls, the situation was life-threatening in some places, especially in the region and around the Great Lakes in the north-east of the USA and on the border with Canada. Hundreds of thousands of homes were without power.

People are stuck in homes and cars

The storm hit the city of Buffalo, which is located on the shore of Lake Erie in the US state of New York, with all its force. Heavy snowfalls and gale force winds created conditions on the roads where drivers can become disoriented due to extremely limited visibility. Many people were stuck in their homes and cars. At times, the police and fire brigade were unable to respond to emergency calls.

In the hard-hit Buffalo region alone, the number of victims rose to twelve, according to the New York Times and Washington Post. The oldest victim was 93 years old, the youngest 26. The dead were discovered in homes and on the street, said Erie County Executive Director Mark Poloncarz.