Lots of sun and temperatures in many places exceeding 30 degrees: From a meteorological point of view, autumn has already begun in September, but there will be little sign of it in the coming days. A so-called Omega weather situation is responsible for this, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Tuesday in Offenbach.

A large, powerful high-pressure area has spread across Central Europe and – apart from a few veils and cumulus clouds – is ensuring maximum sunshine. It is flanked by two strong low pressure areas near Spain and Greece, where extreme rainfall can also be expected in the next two days.

The resulting path of airflow has a shape similar to the Greek letter Omega, hence the name. Such weather conditions are considered to be particularly consistent and stable – according to Felix Dietzsch from the DWD, it should remain warm to hot, sunny and often almost windless until the weekend. Since the air is relatively dry and it cools down to seven degrees at night, the whole thing is relatively pleasant.

This Wednesday there are likely to be a few cumulus clouds in the Alps, otherwise it will be cloudless and dry in many cases and warm to hot in late summer with highs of 26 to 33 degrees. Only at the sea and in the higher mountains does it stay a little cooler, the wind blows weak to moderate. The weather will continue in a similar way on Thursday and Friday – with Friday expected to be even hotter at up to 34 degrees, Dietzsch expects.