Due to heavy rainfall over Frankfurt, dozens of flights have been canceled at the airport there. On Wednesday evening, among other things, large amounts of water had collected on the apron, said a spokesman for the airport.

Around 70 flight cancellations were noted on the airport’s website before the night flight ban began. Ground handling at the airport had to be completely stopped for more than two hours, another spokesman said.

23 scheduled arrivals were diverted

At the largest airport in Germany, there is actually a night flight ban from 11 p.m. In exceptional cases like yesterday, however, flight permits can be extended until midnight. Due to the late resumption of clearance, 34 machines could not have taken off in time, said the spokesman.

Other flights had already been canceled by the airlines themselves. 23 planned arrivals were also diverted to other airports due to the night flight ban. According to initial estimates by Frankfurt Airport, a four-digit number of passengers were affected by the problems.

The German Weather Service (DWD) had issued a warning of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain from Wednesday evening for the whole of Hesse.