A mostly sunny but rather cool meteorological start to spring will be followed by more unsettled and occasionally wintry weather towards the end of the week. At the weekend, significantly colder air will reach Germany again, said meteorologist Tobias Reinartz from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Wednesday in Offenbach.

“Especially from Sunday onwards, the maximum values ​​will usually only be in the low to mid single-digit plus range, and the nights will remain frosty.” In addition, it will become more unstable again with snowfall, which can also show up at low altitudes.

But first of all, Thursday will bring plenty of sun in many places. Only in the north and from the Black Forest to the foothills of the Alps does the day start partly covered with high fog. The temperatures rise to 3 to 11 degrees. According to the DWD, there is little wind in the north – otherwise there is a weak to moderate north-easterly wind.

Friday starts in the northern half often overcast with high fog or foggy and cloudy, with some drizzle falling in some areas. During the course of the day, the clouds will loosen up and there will be longer sunny periods. In the south between the Black Forest, Chiemgau and the Alps, it is mostly cloudy, according to the forecasts, and light snow falls at times in the Alps. The maximum values ​​are between 3 and 9 degrees. In addition, there will be a weak, moderate wind in the north. There can be stiff gusts on the North Sea in the evening.

On Saturday the sky will often be very cloudy and there will be some rain here and there, especially in the northern half. There may be snow in the mountains and in the north-east. Only in the very south will it stay clear and dry for a longer period of time. In the course of the day there may also be a few loosening up in the north. The temperatures are at most 5 degrees in the north-east and 9 degrees in the south-west. In the north-east half, moderate to fresh and sometimes strong gusty north-west winds will blow, on the North Sea there can be stormy gusts.

“According to the current status, this wet and cold to wintry weather character could continue for the next week,” said meteorologist Reinartz. “So bad news for all spring fans. You only have the hope that the weather doesn’t oversleep the astronomical start of spring.”he meteorological spring started on March 1st. The astronomical or calendar beginning of spring is on March 20th this year. At this point, the sun is vertically above the equator and is now moving north.