All rain, or what? The German Weather Service (DWD) is presenting its preliminary balance sheet for the summer of 2023 today. It deals with the results of around 2000 measuring stations in Germany, which record temperatures, precipitation and sunshine duration.

There are already indications that the summer of 2023 was “significantly too warm” again, according to DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich. However, this year’s summer is not quite as warm as the summer of 2022, which was not only the sunniest since measurements began, but with an average temperature of 19.2 degrees one of the four warmest summers since measurements began. However, while the summer of 2022 was also far too dry, the summer of 2023 brought a plus in precipitation, which farmers and foresters in particular were longing for. The DWD has been recording sunshine duration since 1951, temperatures and precipitation have been recorded since 1881.

“It was a good ten percent too wet,” said Friedrich to compare the long-term averages. However, the rains, especially since the end of July, have only contributed to this – before that it had remained far too dry in Germany this summer. An increase in sunshine is foreseeable despite the numerous rain clouds in recent weeks.

The figures for the summer of 2023 are to be published around noon.