This week heat records should fall in many regions. France will experience an exceptional episode, with temperatures exceeding 30°C, while the country is already threatened by drought. In a context of global warming, temperatures, already mild since the beginning of May, “will start rising again to peak at very high values ​​in the middle of the week, between Wednesday and Thursday, or even Friday.

The maximum will then be between 30 and 34°C in most regions, with the exception of regions near the English Channel and the Mediterranean coast,” specifies Météo-France.

“Sustainable” heat announced in Montélimar

“Some cities like Lyon could experience at least five days in a row exceeding the high heat threshold (30°C), an extremely rare event in May”, a series which could even last six or seven days in Montélimar (Drôme), according to the public institution. “It is an episode of heat, lasting, widespread and intense, exceptional for the season”, explains Matthieu Sorel, climatologist at Météo-France, even if the episode does not correspond to the definition of a “wave heat “.