It was a shame… Marko Damjanovic’s team led at halftime (9-7), but Marko Damjanovic’s team failed to stop the Nautic Club Moulins from their Atlantys pool on Saturday, May 28th (13-18). It was a playable game and 150 supporters, who preferred water polo over the Stade Rochelais Champions Cup final, believed it to be possible until the third quarter. The Angeriens lost their way due to old faults, and Moulins’ experience was crucial at the final match.

Despite being in complete control of the game, the Maritimes held their ground against their opponents for 8 minutes. They were encouraged by their public and chained the goals in half-time. At the break, they had two points ahead. This suggested that the outcome would be favorable. The visitors exploited big flaws within the NCA defense to deceive Shayan Ghasemidaryan, their goalkeeper, three times.

Two minutes after the end of the period, the match changed. Eugen Georgescu kicked Captain Belon’s head and was awarded an EDA 4P (penalty final exclusion with no possibility of replacement for four minutes). Luka Rak converts a penalty and the Angeriens win the game… and “stop”. The game is broken down, the mistakes and goals conceded add up: defeat is bitter, but justifiable (13-18).

Marko Damjanovic was the Anglian coach and was about to leave his home game with the NCA. He came out of the meeting angry at his players. We stopped playing from EDA. They believed they were winners. They thought they were winners. I can’t even put on a beanie for them. It was obvious that we lacked the experience to win such an intense game …”.