Perigord families will always have a walnut cake recipe in their drawer. It is a hearty, warm, and not too sweet dessert. Why not try the walnut in Charlotte? It is lighter and fresher. It is possible to glaze all things with dark chocolate, but that would be too complicated for the true gourmands. This nut dessert is lighter than traditional cooked versions, such as a pie with honey.

A 6 part charlotte mold. Preparation (the previous day): 45 minutes

250g ladyfingers, ladyfingers, 260g caster sugar, 120g walnuts (affectionately called “cacalou”, a dialect of Perigord), well crushed; 180g soft Butter; 30cl milk; 4 egg yolks. 80g sugar. A few walnut kernels (for decoration).

Mix the butter and 180g sugar together until you get a fluffy, light mixture. Add the chopped walnuts.

– In a large saucepan, heat the milk to boiling. Transfer all ingredients to a saucepan. Let the custard heat up without letting it boil. Allow to cool, then add the nuts mixture. Mix well and place in a bowl.

Place the softened biscuits in a bowl with half of the cream on the bottom and sides. After placing a layer of biscuits on the bottom, add half of the cream and then another layer. This will form the base of your charlotte once it has been unmolded the next morning.

To enhance the distinctive taste of “cacalou”, a walnut wine can be added to the dish. Or, you can add something sparkling to complement the freshness.