Even though Germany occupies one of the lower places in the ranking for coffee consumers (worldwide), black bean juice is one of the most popular hot drinks in this country. But since people are creatures of habit, most people always enjoy their coffee in the same way – at least behind their own four walls. If you would like to reveal new taste experiences to family members, friends, colleagues or your better half, a coffee advent calendar could be just the right gift in the run-up to Christmas. We present you six different models.

1. C

24 coffee rarities can also be found in this Advent calendar from C

2. Whole Bean Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

The Boxiland Advent calendar is suitable for people with a fully automatic coffee machine that can grind whole beans: Behind the 24 doors, 24 select varieties (20 grams each) from all over the world are revealed – in the finest quality, according to the manufacturer. A colorful mix of fair trade coffee, organic coffee and conventional coffee should provide the necessary variety. In addition, the calendar was made by people from a social project.

3. Coffee

In contrast to the previous models, this Advent calendar from Corasol combines 24 different coffee worries from all over the world with 24 puzzles. Under the motto: “Where is Lord Edgerton?” The person receiving the gift has to solve a puzzle from the crime booklet every day – and can enjoy a freshly ground filter coffee. Thanks to the included coffee bag system, you don’t even need a coffee machine, just hot water to brew it.

4. Querfee Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

The cheapest Advent calendar in this presentation round contains 24 ground coffee specialties (15 grams each) from different countries that are said to be delicately aromatic but not flavored – such as: Ethiopian Sidamo, India Monsooned Malabar AA, Colombia Excelso Sierra Nevada, Kenya AA Masai Josra, Viennese coffee, Brasil Capim Branco Direct Trade – or even a Hamburg blend.

5. Premium Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

The last model in this series is the premium coffee Advent calendar 2023 from the Barista Royal Store: Behind the 24 doors are 24 different coffee roasts made from whole coffee beans, each 30 grams. The contents should therefore – according to the manufacturer – be for at least two to three cups ( per door) are sufficient. The calendar also contains a coffee guide with valuable tips on how to prepare and ideally taste your favorite drink.

6. Gourmet Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

Just because an Advent calendar has 24 doors does not mean that the contents are only enough for 24 hot drinks – quite the opposite: Behind these 25 chambers are various hand-ground coffee specialties for brewing from all over the world, each weighing 20 to 22 grams , which should be enough for at least two cups of coffee (per door). The Coffeebrewer Advent Calendar from Grower’s Cup is also CO2 and plastic neutral.

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