Even though the cards are on the table, Castilla y Leon’s move to become a government seems complicated. However, it is likely that the outcome will be predictable. Pablo Casado refuses to let the PP agree with Vox, and instead advocates for exploring other paths with the provincial candidates. Santiago Abascal, a grown man, insists that his party must be in the Government yes/no. In the role of stone guest the PSOE refuses to facilitate and refuses abstaining from the investiture to ensure that Alfonso Fernandez Manueco is not dependent on Vox.

Genova Street was awakened by a terrible hangover. The general secretary criticized the experience of coalition governments -the PP broke them in Madrid Murcia and Castilla y Leon – because they “have not brought more stability nor prosperity to Spain, quite contrary”.

Genova Street wants Manueco as the head of a regional executive, without any ties to other forces. He will “carry out significant measures” In all the possible scenarios, the agreement with the PSOE cannot be ruled out. Vox is also not envisaged. However, most leaders in the street believe it will happen, and it will.

Soria Ya is the first supporter of the PP leadership. Soria Ya (three seats), Union del Pueblo Leones (3 more), and Por Avila (1). Add those seven attorneys to the 31. Manueco would be invested in the second vote with a simple majority, as the sum of 38 is still three. The maximum time between the two votes is 2 months. If there is no investiture the elections are repeated. To make this operation work, Vox must abstain. Garcia Egea warned that if Castilla y Leon’s good government is stopped, all citizens will be held responsible for their actions and votes.

Although the paper is resilient to all things, reality often turns out to be more difficult. It will be difficult for the popular ones, Leon and Soria, to win their support. They have had some serious clashes throughout the campaign. Despite their history, both formations are open for dialogue. It seems that understanding with Por Avila’s prosecutor is easier than it appears, since there was a split from PP.

Without compromising the party’s national leadership, Manueco is more open to talking to everyone. He does not rule out pacts, but believes that there are many possibilities. He assured that the decision would be made in Castilla y Leon. Genova Street will be astonished by the roundness of his face.

Madrid and Valladolid were able to cross cabals in Madrid, but Andalusia has a much clearer picture than that and the advance is no longer part of their plans. “There are not yet elections. Right now Andalusia has a stable agreement, which works, and it must continue to roll until the end,” said Elias Bendodo on Monday, Councilor for Presidency of Board.

Juanma Moreno, the president of Andalusian, has dropped the possibility that elections could be called before the summer. Despite the disappointing results in Castilla y Leon, and the threat from an even larger Vox in Andalusia in the future, Moreno has reverted to his plan to exhaust the legislature by December. This angers the far-right party which seeks to win the election advance one day at a time.

Vox waits for Manueco’s move. Juan Garcia-Gallardo was his candidate and he ruled out yesterday the possibility of them abstaining to facilitate the investiture. He also reiterated his demand to govern. He stated that the election result gives us the right to and obligation to integrate the next government of Castilla y Leon. He said that Citizens with 12 attorneys and 15% of votes in 2019, entered the regional Executive with vice president and four ministers. Vox with thirteen and 17.6% ballots cannot have a lower presence.

Garcia Gallardo, wearing the stripes of negotiator, stated that he did not want talk about “armchairs” as the “policies of that coalition” must be first agreed upon. He then put forward his two first demands, which were to repeal the laws on gender violence and the decrees regarding historical memory. These are left-wing policies.

While warning about the danger of an extreme right governing an independent administration, the PSOE isn’t going to let up to stop the PSOE from lifting a finger. Yesterday, the socialist executive headed by Pedro Sanchez agreed not to abstain at the investiture in order to facilitate a PP government with no Vox. After Oscar Puente (the mayor of Valladolid) and the PSOE’s export spokesman, the PSOE leadership decided to take the initiative. This was so that the PP would not “fall into the hands” of the extreme right.

The alderman warned that the PSOE would be in contradiction if it warned of Abascal’s danger and then sat with its arms crossed prior to its inclusion into the regional government. Felipe Sicilia, a spokesman for the PP, stated that the socialist leadership believes that the created situation is not theirs. It is the PP’s fault for calling early elections to please Casado and without measuring “the risk of the extreme right entering” to govern. This is a scenario many people welcome to the PSOE because of the supposed mobilizing effect.