The Vox Parliamentary Group presented a letter to the President of the Parliament, Carlos Pollán, in which it denounces that someone has entered its offices and has removed electoral posters from their walls, in addition to the common area of ​​the corridors in the that the faces of Santiago Abascal and Juan García-Gallardo were also present.

Sources from the group confirmed to Ical that this has happened on the fourth floor, where some attorneys from the green formation share corridors with the Socialist and Mixed groups. «In the corridor area there were two or three campaign posters. But we also had in the offices, and the doors have no key. It may have been a hooligan, but he does not like to enter the offices, “the same sources indicated.

In the opinion of Vox, whoever has accessed these spaces must have done so on the afternoon of last Friday or on Monday morning, given that the attorneys have realized that same day. For this reason, in the letter addressed to the president, an investigation of what happened has been requested and that the images of the security cameras be provided, which in any case focus on the elevators in the corridors themselves and not on the accesses to the offices.

As a vindictive measure, the formation has re-papered its common corridor area with the same posters.