The skin is the largest human organ and one of the most demanding. So it’s no wonder that promising beauty trends arouse curiosity. Retinol serum is currently in vogue and is said to ensure firm and young skin. The active ingredient vitamin A is responsible for this. If you look around in drugstores or online, you will discover numerous products with retinol. The serums are touted as silver bullets, but they also harbor risks. Here you can read what you should consider when using it.

The active ingredient is particularly popular as a concentrated serum. It is a form of vitamin A and is said to have positive effects on skin formation. Vitamin A can actually promote the formation of horny cells, which make up the top layer of the skin. Furthermore, the vitamin is said to stimulate the production of collagen, which is needed in the lower layers of the skin to make the skin firm and flexible. Retinol serums can definitely work and be a useful addition to the care routine.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It can have a positive effect on the skin and make it look beautiful, but it also comes with risks. According to the German Society for Nutrition, the required daily dose of vitamin A for adults is around one milligram. The maximum daily dose is three milligrams. As a rule, this value is already reached through a balanced diet. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) therefore warns against overdosing and recommends limiting the use of cosmetic products to facial and hand care. Vitamin A additives should be avoided entirely in lip and body care products. Excessive consumption of vitamin A, the BfR warns, can lead to local skin irritations such as burning, itching and dryness or even provoke liver damage. This is because it accumulates in adipose tissue as a fat-soluble vitamin. Therefore, use a retinol serum sparingly and only to care for your face and hands.

In order to avoid an overdose, it is important that the vitamin A concentration contained is not too high. This retinol serum from the German natural cosmetics brand “Jungl├╝ck” contains 0.27 percent. That may sound low, but if you consider the possibility of an overdose, then this value is completely sufficient for a nourishing serum. Manufacturers who advertise with a particularly high concentration should question you critically. Because with vitamin A, less is more. If you have insensitive skin, you can use the serum several times a week. Sensitive skin types should approach it slowly and start with just a few applications. Avoid the eyelids and apply it under the eyes and on the forehead. An overnight retinol serum works best as absorption can take several hours. The skin can be sensitive after use, so you should always wear effective UV protection during the day. This retinol serum from “The Ordinary” with a concentration of one percent is also popular and somewhat cheaper than the serum from the natural cosmetics brand.

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