As a parent of young children, traveling is always a nerve-wracking affair. This can already apply to relatively short car journeys, but even more so to longer flights. On such, it is actually just a matter of luck whether the children stay calm or not. Unfortunately, other passengers often have little understanding for this.

One man on a Southwest Airlines flight even threw an outright tantrum over a crying baby. The passenger complained in a loud voice that the toddler had been screaming for 40 minutes at a time. He himself apparently felt that he was deprived of his right as a customer of the airline: “I paid for a ticket to have a damn comfortable flight,” he called out to the flight attendants, who tried to calm him down.

Another passenger filmed the scene and posted the nearly four-minute video on TikTok. It has already been viewed more than 200,000 times. Because of bad weather, the plane was on hold, the user explained. In this situation, the passenger, who was so disturbed by the baby, apparently lost his nerve.

Even the attempts of the airline staff to calm her down had no effect. “You’re screaming,” admonished a flight attendant. “The baby is crying too,” the man countered, whereupon the employee tried to remind him that the baby was a baby and that he was a grown man. “We’re in a tin can with a baby in an echo chamber, and you want to talk to me about whether I’m okay?” the passenger fumed, tossed with all sorts of curses while the baby’s cries can be heard in the background .

Even after landing in Orlando (US state of Florida), the man did not want to let the matter go and continued to discuss it on the ground. In a statement to USA Today, Southwest Airlines praised the crew’s “professional conduct” and apologized to other passengers for the inconvenience caused by one passenger’s conduct.

Sources: mjgrabowski on TikTok / “USA Today”