They enjoy an omelette in their pena and a drink in the city’s center. The bars will fill up over the hours and the atmosphere will be high.

11:00. There are some blue and white outfits. It’s aperitif hour, before the Pro D2 semi-final featuring Oyonnax and Aviron Bayonnais, which takes place at the Jean-Dauger Stadium on Sunday, May 29. The streets of Bayonne quiver. There is no singing, boasting, or invisible Oyonnax supporters.

“I’m ready,” says Gilles. Gilles says, “I’m ready.” This cafe owner laughs. The streets of Nive, the rue d’Espagne and the halls are starting to fill up with a rowing crowd eager to drink rugby. “If they lose?” This supporter said, “Well, life goes on.” But, hey, that’s not what the goal is. It’s a matter of celebrating and feasting on the Bayonnais qualification. Now, onto the pregame.

We won’t be singing too loud for the moment. Unless you take a stroll at the Saint-Andre trinquet where the pre-match takes place. The Pena Baiona sings where we are already singing.