His gesture of support for the environment is justifiable. A man spread a piece of pizza on the Mona Lisa painting at Paris’ Louvre Museum. It was Sunday, May 29. To avoid any damage, the cake was not allowed to touch the painting. It is protected by glass so that it does not get smeared on the painting. Visitors have shared videos on social media showing Mona Lisa dressed in tartar. The cream is removed from the glass by a museum agent.

Can anybody translate what ole dude was saying as they where escorting him out? pic.twitter.com/Uy2taZ4ZMm

It seems unbelievable to me that a man dressed up as an elderly lady got out of a wheelchair to try to break the Mona Lisa’s protective glass. A visitor at the scene said that he then placed cake on the window and began to throw roses around him.

The man who allegedly threw it is shown in a video. He is wearing a cap, wig and pushes a wheelchair. The same wheelchair was also seen in the vicinity of the painting, right next to the safety cordon. Think of the Earth. People are destroying the Earth. It is amazing. Artists, (Illa?) “Think of the Earth” is what artists (Illa?) advise you to do. Artists, think about the Earth. This is why I did it. “Think about the planet,” the man said in the gallery, before being led out of the museum. We see rose petals on the ground.

La Gioconda takes one cake. I was unable to see it in person for a few seconds. It was a scream! pic.twitter.com/fOVZb2CSEX

In the past, the Mona Lisa was the subject of several attempted defacement attempts. A tourist dropped a cup on top of the protective glass in August 2009. The painting was damaged slightly by red spray from Tokyo in 1974. In 1957, a Bolivian had also thrown a rock at it.