A man in Spain has to pay his ex-wife compensation of a good 204,000 euros for 25 years of housework. A judge in Vélez-Málaga decided that, the newspaper “La Vanguardia” and other media reported. Not only 48-year-old Ivana Moral, who prevailed in court, can be happy. “It’s a judgment that opens the door to complaints from other women,” La Vanguardia said.

She was “very much in love” when she got married at 20, Moral told “La Vanguardia”. But she soon realized that her marriage would be anything but a rose garden. “I felt kicked, oppressed and abused,” she said. She not only had to take care of the household and children, but also had to work in her husband’s gym. She toiled at least ten hours a day. But she received neither financial nor moral recognition for this.

“I didn’t even have a bank card.” House, land, cars and other possessions were registered in the man’s name. She was humiliated very often and had to beg her very wealthy husband for money – even for menstrual products. As a result, she suffered from depression. Because of their two daughters, who are now 19 and 14 years old, and the fear of not being able to cope on their own, she only got divorced after around 25 years in 2020.

According to experts, it is probably the first judgment of its kind in Spain – although Article 1438 of the country’s civil code provides for financial compensation for housework after a separation under certain conditions, such as the signing of a separation of property agreement. Moral said that despite the law, many lawyers she contacted warned her that filing such a lawsuit would only waste her time and money. The compensation she has now been awarded was calculated on the basis of the minimum salary.

In addition, according to the verdict, she will receive maintenance for herself and her daughters. “I only talk to the media to encourage women to claim what is due to them,” Moral said. “There are many women who are helpless.”

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