In another trial about the Munich police scandal, the Munich district court sentenced the accused to a fine of 4,200 euros. The court imposed 70 daily rates of 60 euros for illegal possession of narcotics and breach of custody. The court acquitted him of the most serious accusation of violating his most personal sphere of life by taking pictures.

The suspended police officer had denied possession of the drugs and admitted to having found items in his personal gun cabinet – but he wanted to return them and didn’t want to keep them. And he took the photo on his mobile phone of a naked, handcuffed man in a cell who had previously rioted for purely official reasons. The court believed the latter. “I assume that it was officially recorded,” said the judge. With regard to the lost property, she spoke of “negligence”, which is still punishable.

Judge speaks of “negligence”

The public prosecutor’s office had demanded a fine of 150 daily rates of 95 euros for illegal possession of narcotics, for breach of custody and violation of the most personal sphere of life through image recordings, the defense demanded an acquittal.

The investigations of the so-called “Soko Nightlife” against the man born in 1989 had started in connection with the cocaine scandal at the Munich police. The drug scandal shook the police headquarters in Munich in 2020. The public prosecutor’s office conducted 39 investigations against 37 police officers and filed 8 charges. In the course of the drug investigation, other criminal offenses by police officers had also come to light.

In his plea, the defendant’s lawyer emphasized “that my client has nothing to do with “Soko Nightlife”. Everything we have here today is random and waste products.” In her verdict, the judge also spoke of an “accidental find” and said that the accused was unlucky to have been targeted by the investigators in connection with the “Soko Nightlife”. She emphasized: “You have to leave the church in the village here.”