A US congresswoman caused a stir with her behavior during a play. 36-year-old Lauren Boebert was thrown out of a theater in the US state last weekend after other guests complained about the Republican. The incident is particularly spicy because Boebert repeatedly advocates for ultra-conservative family politics and rails against drag queens, whose performances she described as too “obscene” for children. Now Boebert has apologized for her behavior in the theater.

Surveillance videos of the performance emerged a few days ago. Among other things, you can see Boebert puffing on an e-cigarette, taking photos of the performance with her cell phone and how she and her companion apparently grope each other in public. According to The Denver Post newspaper, a pregnant woman reportedly asked Boebert to stop smoking e-cigarettes. Boebert is said to have rejected this. Finally, the Republican and her companion were escorted outside by security personnel.

Politics and personal problems

Boebert continues to polarize people in the USA. She is one of the most radical Republican members of the House of Representatives and is on the far right. She is a gun nut and supporter of former President Donald Trump. She entered the House of Representatives after the 2020 election and was only able to narrowly defend her seat in her Colorado district two years later. For a while there she ran a café where weapons were openly carried.

After the incident in the theater, a spokesman for Boebert denied that the MP had smoked an e-cigarette. He blamed the steam on a smoke machine. “The last few days have been difficult and humiliating, and I am truly sorry,” Boebert said in a statement that was available to US media. She initially couldn’t remember smoking an e-cigarette when she discussed the incident with her team, it said. She also discussed her “difficult divorce” and that she didn’t stick to her values ​​in the theater.