US police may have achieved success in the search for the Maine shooter. Numerous helicopters and a large contingent of police cars were seen on television last night in front of a house in the suspected shooter’s hometown. CNN reported that FBI agents shouted: “Come out with your hands up!” The emergency services are also said to have called out the name of the suspect.

The Maine State Police wrote on Platform X that they were executing several search warrants in the town of Bowdoin. “The announcements, which can be heard over a loudspeaker, are standard announcements when executing a search warrant to ensure the safety of everyone involved,” it said. It is not known whether the suspect is in one of the houses searched.

Bowdoin is about a half-hour drive from Lewiston, where a gunman killed at least 18 people with an assault rifle on Wednesday evening (local time). The police have been looking for the perpetrator for around 24 hours and have put out a wanted notice for a 40-year-old man. She warned that the man was probably armed and dangerous. The suspected vehicle was found on Wednesday evening.