Since June, Ukraine has been waging a counter-offensive against the Russian invasion, which Putin described as a “failure” on Monday. Irrespective of this, Moscow seems to be making intensive efforts to acquire more military equipment in order to strengthen its own troops.

According to information from the “New York Times”, Kim, who rarely travels abroad, apparently wants to meet Putin in Vladivostok in September. According to this, Kim could travel by train to the port city in Russia’s Far East, which is not too far from North Korea. Kim and Putin met in Vladivostok in 2019.

According to the New York Times, Putin wants grenades and anti-tank missiles from North Korea. Kim is concerned with modern technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines as well as food aid for the population.

The White House said last week that allies North Korea and Russia were conducting secret negotiations over possible supplies of munitions for Moscow’s war against Ukraine. One focus of the talks is artillery ammunition for Moscow’s armed forces, said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. Despite its denials, North Korea delivered infantry rockets and other missiles to Russia last year for use by the Wagner mercenary force.

Kirby’s colleague Watson said Monday the US called on North Korea to end negotiations with Russia and to honor its public pledge not to “supply arms to Russia”.

Moscow and Pyongyang announced in mid-August that they would expand their cooperation and cooperate more closely in the area of ​​defense, among other things. Russia is one of the few countries that maintain contact with North Korea. North Korea had supported the Russian offensive in Ukraine from the start.

According to Watson, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently traveled to North Korea to procure additional ammunition for the Ukraine war.

Last week, the United Nations, the United States, Britain, South Korea and Japan said any agreement on closer cooperation between Russia and North Korea violated UN Security Council resolutions banning arms deals with Pyongyang – resolutions that Moscow itself supported . According to them, after Shoigu, another group of Russian representatives traveled to North Korea for further talks.