Every pet owner can probably imagine the feeling: suddenly the beloved four-legged friend has disappeared, escaped, and you do not know whether he is in danger or whether something has already happened to him. A terrible feeling. So did Mary Lynn of Greenville, South Carolina. Her dog Rajah had run away from the front yard where she was romping with the family’s other dog – because her neighbor had ignited leftover New Year’s Eve firecrackers.

Mary immediately went in search, walking all the streets in the neighborhood, searching parks and green spaces. Without success. In desperation, she finally posted a search on Facebook. Several hours had passed since Rajah had disappeared. Her owner was worried and didn’t know what else to do. Mary’s husband searched the area with the car and she herself planned to call all animal shelters in the region the next morning.

But, as it turned out, that wouldn’t be necessary. Because after Rajah’s family had finally gone unhappily to bed, the doorbell suddenly rang. at three o’clock at night. Mary immediately rushed over and opened it – and outside stood Rajah. Their owners were relieved and happy – but also confused. Who brought the dog back and rang the bell? They hadn’t seen anyone outside the door.

However, the family had installed a surveillance camera on their front door that solved the mystery. The video showed how Rajah ran towards her home all alone and visibly excited and then purposefully pressed the bell. As if she knew exactly how it works and as if she had never done anything else. “It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing,” reports Mary. However, the family have no idea how Rajah knew what the ringing was doing.

“She’s just in the front yard, or going to the car, so she never saw us open the door,” says Mary Lynn. “I don’t know how she knew. I never showed her how to do it.”

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