After the violent crime in which four people died in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, the authorities are still investigating the background to the crime. There was no new information on Saturday, according to a police spokesman.

However, references to the family connections of the dead became known: The German Press Agency (dpa) reported that the dead women were two sisters. The “Bild” newspaper and Bayerischer Rundfunk also report that they were twin sisters.

There was conflicting information on Saturday as to whether the four dead were two married couples. The motive is also still unclear. The investigators themselves did not want to reveal the exact relationship between the dead for reasons of privacy protection, wrote the dpa. It was only reported that they were related to each other.

According to previous knowledge, a man killed two 57-year-old women and then a 60-year-old on Friday afternoon. The male victim is believed to have been the perpetrator’s brother-in-law, some reports said. According to police information, he died about a kilometer from where the dead women were found. The 59-year-old perpetrator is said to have taken his own life near the Ammer River, less than three kilometers from where the 60-year-old was found. A passer-by found the dead man around 7:15 p.m. on Friday.

According to dpa information, the bodies of the men had gunshot wounds. “The women had no gunshot wounds,” said police spokesman Alexander Huber on Saturday. He also said nothing was known about possible stab wounds. How exactly the 57-year-old women died is now to be clarified by an autopsy. This will possibly take place on Saturday.

According to dpa information, the alleged perpetrator was married to one of the 57-year-olds. The police spokesman did not want to say whether the two children had.

A witness found the 60-year-old still alive in a garden of an apartment building in the center of Weilheim and then immediately called the police and the emergency services, the police had previously reported. The emergency call came in at 4:50 p.m. However, the immediately initiated resuscitation measures were in vain, the man died on the spot from his severe injuries. The subsequent large-scale manhunt by the police was initially unsuccessful.

Almost two and a half kilometers further and more than two hours later, a witness finally discovered the lifeless 59-year-old on a park bench. When the emergency services arrived, the alleged perpetrator was already dead. The officers then found the two dead women in his property. They were inflicted with “massive injuries”.

The Weilheim criminal police and the Munich II public prosecutor’s office are conducting further investigations into the case. The town of Weilheim has around 23,000 inhabitants. The city is around 50 kilometers southwest of Munich in the Weilheim-Schongau district.

It is questionable whether the public will ever learn the motive for the crime. “Ultimately, it is communicated that it is a relationship act,” said police spokesman Huber. Since the alleged perpetrator is dead and there was no danger to the population, the question of the motive is also a question of privacy protection and will therefore probably not be published. It has also remained unclear whether there was a farewell letter.

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