After a major police operation during a forced eviction in Baden-Württemberg, a 62-year-old man was taken into custody. The ex-soldier is accused of, among other things, threats and violations of the Explosives Act, as the police and public prosecutor’s office jointly announced.

The accused had holed up in Unterkirnach in the southern Black Forest for hours. According to investigators, he told investigators that he had spilled gasoline in the house and threatened to start a fire. The 62-year-old gave up on Tuesday evening and allowed himself to be arrested without resistance.

“Through repeated conversations, it was possible to persuade the man to place a box with explosives in front of the door, which could be picked up by a police robot,” the investigators reported. After almost twelve hours of negotiations, it was possible to dissuade the man from his plan. Because of his health condition, he was initially taken to a hospital overnight.

Arrest warrant issued

The judge at the Villingen-Schwenningen district court issued the arrest warrant and executed it. The accused was taken to a correctional facility. He is also accused of resisting law enforcement officers in a particularly serious case and disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit crimes.

Defenders from the State Criminal Police Office and detectives searched the man’s house after the arrest. “Every package we find is examined for explosives,” said a police spokesman. The investigation will continue, the investigators reported.

After it became clear that the man could be dangerous, the police launched a major operation and negotiated with him. Heavily armed special operations teams (SEK) also arrived because of information about possible weapons and other dangerous objects in the house. Nothing was initially known about the former soldier’s motive. According to security sources, he was not known as an extremist.

Several long guns and handguns registered on man

According to police findings, the man had several long guns and handguns registered to him, and he also had an explosives permit and was a member of a shooting club.

A bailiff arrived on Tuesday morning to enforce an eviction – then the 62-year-old threatened and the situation escalated. Neighbors were brought to safety and security forces cordoned off the area around the man’s house.

Unterkirnach is located in the southern Black Forest, around eight kilometers from the nearest larger town, Villingen-Schwenningen. According to the community, around 2,600 people live there.