The British Government is currently preparing a formal request to send to the United States to demand that Kevin Spacey be extradited. Spacey is accused of sexual assault. This was confirmed by legal sources gathered by The Guardian, a British newspaper.

According to the same source, the process will be initiated if the actor who won two Oscars does not consent to travel to the United Kingdom to face trial. The International Crime Directorate of the British Ministry of the Interior would ask for his extradition to the United States. He would then be detained in the United States and handed over to the United Kingdom.

Kevin Spacey (62), learned that the British Crown Prosecutor’s Office authorized his indictment on Thursday for four counts of sexual assault against three males. According to the information gathered by Scotland Yard during his investigation, they were allegedly committed in London and Gloucestershire between 2005 and 2013. Europa Press reports.

He was apparently able to recover from similar allegations in the United States. The lawsuits were eventually filed, which made him expelled from House of Cards. Since 2018, he has not been seen in any film. However, the well-known actor planned to return to the cinemas. He would be appearing in an Italian movie directed by Franco Nero, where he would play the part of a detective in a sort of cameo.

Extradition could take several months because the US Justice Department will need to determine if the crime is “probable”. An arrest warrant would then be issued. A judicial process would then be initiated. This could be appealed in any case and would limit the charges against him.