The police in the British capital have reopened investigations into illegal lockdown parties in the government district. As Scotland Yard announced, it is about an event on December 14, 2020. A recently made public video recording showed the team of the then conservative mayoral candidate for London, Shaun Bailey, celebrating exuberantly.

An event in Parliament on December 8, 2020 is also to be determined, the police report said. According to one report, there was said to have been a birthday celebration in Parliament. Spicy about it: A sharp inner-party critic of ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sir Bernard Jenkin, is said to have taken part. A few weeks ago, a committee to which Jenkin belongs reprimanded Johnson for lying in Parliament about the Partygate affair. Johnson only escaped suspension from the House of Commons because he had previously resigned his seat.

During Johnson’s tenure, a total of 126 penal orders were issued for illegal celebrations in the government district. Johnson and the current prime minister, Rishi Sunak, also received penalties. However, Johnson had long denied any wrongdoing in Parliament. Meanwhile, reports of other banned gatherings of Johnson, which were investigated by the police, did not lead to a new investigation.